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  • Customer Service Associate Charlotte is hard at work!
  • Customer Service Associate Helena always has a big smile on her face!
  • Nancy inspects some packages in the warehouse
  • Everyone joined a meeting to discuss how we can better support our customers
Customer Service Associate Charlotte is hard at work!
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  • 4890 Duff Drive
    Suite D
    Cincinnati, OH 45246
  • Monday - Friday: 8am - 4:30pm
  • 317-396-1921
  • Employees: 23
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About Aramark in Cincinnati

Aramark Building Community is a global philanthropic and volunteer program focused on strengthening the critical work of local community centers serving families in need. Aramark partners with local community centers around the world to address their primary areas of need – job readiness, nutrition and wellness, and access to safe and enriching neighborhood gathering places.

Aramark Supports Community Involvement

Our team greatly enjoys giving back to the local community. Our OKI Star Team painted, built flower boxes, landscaped, and assembled book cases for the Millvale Community Center in Cincinnati.

Customer Testimonials in the Cincinnati Area

"Aramark has been a wonderful addition of service and product for epsilon. Everyone has been very helpful and provided us with wonderful service."

Debbie Bixler
Facilities Supervisor

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Talk to an Aramark advisor

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