Energize your breakroom

Refuel your crew

Snacking is a vital part of the day and accounts for 50% of all employee eating occasions. Modern eating models of multiple small meals and snacks throughout the day are more popular than ever.

Snack programs are the perfect solution to meet the growing demand for employer sponsored amenities.

Snack programs redefine the breakroom space as a destination for employees to collaborate while providing the fuel to maximize productivity. Enhance onsite amenities to better attract and retain employee talent with benefits that are important to them.

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Snack Programs:

Packaged Items Cold Snacks
Milk & Yogurt Fresh Fruit
Bulk Snacks Fresh Bakery Bread
  • Varying product tiers to help manage your budget
  • Merchandising options to compliment your current space
  • Flexible delivery methods to ensure we meet program needs
  • High safety standards to keep your employees protected, healthy, and happy
  • Product options tailored to fit your needs
  • Quarterly product rotation to engage employees
  • Healthy for Life® products create a mix of indulgent and better-for-you options
  • Program reporting gives insight into your employees' needs

Talk to one of our experts today!
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