Curtis Low Profile 24 Gravity Brewer

The TLP 24's compact design fits easily on many countertops. It uses the lastes technology to maintain optimum brewing time, volume and temperature - all essential for making the perfect pot of coffee.

  • Energy Efficient

    By controlling water temperature, this brewer uses less energy than traditional brewers. Yet the airpot the coffee is brewed into keeps coffee at just the right temperature for hours, so there's less waste and never a bitter cup of coffee.

  • Additional Features

    • Brew 85 ounces of coffee directly into gravity server to keep coffee hot and fresh for up to 10 hours
    • A separate lever dispenses hot water, even during the brew cycle, for preparation of other hot beverages or foods
    • One-touch controls and "ready to brew" light make coffee preparation a snap
    • Vertical sight glass on front provides a quick view of how much coffee is in the server
    • Color-coded lids make it easy to distinguish regular from decaf
    • Server is portable for a quick coffee delivery to conference rooms or reception areas
    • Unit may be plumbed in directly to your water line with the AquaMark LX water dispenser to ensure quality water is always used for brewing

  • Product Specifications

    Height: 23 1/8"
    Depth: 16 1/2"
    Width: 9"
    Electrical: 120 VAC, 1700 watts, 14 amps