DOVE hot chocolate

DOVE® hot chocolate is a silky smooth indulgent treat made with the finest ingredients including real chocolate liquor. FLAVIA Cappuccino/Latte Swirl and Milkyway® Swirl are used in combinattion with our coffees and teas to create fantastic cappuccinos, lattes and espresso style drinks.

    • DOVE® hot chocolate
    • DOVE® carefully selects the finest ingredients and refines them to deliver the ultimate tantalizing experience. Now that same silky chocolate experience has been captured in the only hot chocolate made with real DOVE® chocolate. The convenience and freshness of FLAVIA together with the indulgent chocolate taste of DOVE® - a combination sure to be loved.
    • MilkyWay® Swirl
    • This delicious and creamy caramel taste sensation is a real delight. For a rich FLAVIA MilkyWay Latte, make MilkyWay Swirl with the coffee of your choice. For a smooth FLAVIA MilkyWay Chococcino, froth up your MilkyWay Swirl with add DOVE® hot chocolate. Or, why not get creative and see what other FLAVIA MilkyWay Swirl cocktails you can invent!
    • FLAVIA Cappuccino/Latte Swirl
    • The creamy, rich taste of low fat FLAVIA Cappuccino/Latte Swirl is the perfect addition to your drinks selection. In fact, FLAVIA is the only single-cup brewing system that can make authentic cappuccinos and lattes just by combining FLAVIA Cappuccino/Latte Swirl with any coffee or tea.