Service Excellence

Our promise to our clients, backed by our Service Pledge, is to listen to your needs and exceed their service expectations. We strive to create value for your organization through our quality refreshment programs and seamless service delivery.

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  • Dedicated Professionals

    The most important thing a service provider can do for its clients is employ the best people in the business. At Aramark, we know our most important asset is our people who provide excellent service to our valued clients, day in and day out. The dedicated team of professionals serving your organization is comprised of:

    • Your Business Development Manager - your dedicated single point of contact who proactively responds to the changing needs of your business
    • Your Route Sales Representative - the reliable, uniformed professional committed to delivering all your refreshment needs
    • Service Technicians - the experts who ensure that all your brewing and dispensing machines are always in good working order

    Trust your Aramark team for consistently superior service you can count on.

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  • Training

    The most comprehensive service training program in the industry, ServiceSTARS training is an innovative, proprietary certification program developed by Aramark to cover everything from active listening to identifying customer concerns to building trust and rapport. Through ServiceSTARS, we’ve spent more than one million man-hours training our front-line service personnel, empowering them with the skills to solve problems and proactively address your concerns. Once they’ve been ServiceSTARS-certified, our employees are required to do monthly training to ensure we continue to deliver quality service that exceeds your expectations.

    ServiceSTARS has been recognized for Excellence in Practice by the American Society for Training & Development and is certified by Penn State University.

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  • Service Promise

    Our ServiceSTARS team is trained on the real issues of day-to-day service excellence. We’re focused, efficient and prepared for anything. Every part of our organization is pulling in the same direction. We know every client has unique and specific needs, and the ServiceSTARS program enables us to deliver the best refreshment solution to your individual workplace. Our game plan ensures optimum inventories of the things your employees like most. Responsive service means we’re equipped to anticipate and meet your needs before they even arise.

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  • Proving It

    Part of our ServiceSTARS program is letting you know exactly what we’ve done while visiting your workplace. Like Aramark’s 10-Point Advantage Checklist, detailing the services performed at each visit. Service is the foundation of any relationship between a provider and its customer. It’s what makes or breaks the trust and confidence we have in each other. It’s why we created ServiceSTARS.   And it's the only way we do business.