Did you know your breakroom could change the world?

With Green Thread, Aramark’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship, your breakroom can be a great place to do your part for the planet. Every day, in ways large and small, we work to reduce our impact and promote global fair trade, all while delivering The Complete Breaktime Experience®. Through our workplace expertise in providing over 1 billion cups of coffee and 400 million cold drinks annually, we can help you achieve your sustainability goals through waste reduction, water and energy conservation, and environmentally and socially responsible purchasing.

Aramark Refreshment Services is committed to reducing our environmental impact in day-to-day operations, with a route optimization program that reduces fuel use, and continuous research and development on waste reduction and recycling programs

  • Beverages

    Customize your breakroom offerings with coffees and teas that protect the earth as well as support the local communities of growers.

    • Fair Trade Certified, Rainforest Alliance, Certified Organic and Shade Grown coffees
    • Beverage brands that are committed to sustainable programs
    • Single-serve products that reduce beverage waste

    Learn more about sustainable beverages

  • Supplies

    Minimize landfill waste and environmental impact.

    • Cups made from recycled fibers, compostable materials or renewable resources
    • Biodegradable towels and other paper products made from 100% recycled materials
  • Equipment

    Utilize equipment that saves water and energy.

    • AquaMark®LX water filtration system that eliminates dependence on bottles, jugs, and delivery fuel
    • Brewing and vending equipment that reduces energy consumption when idle