Sustainable Beverages

Aramark partners with premium beverage suppliers to provide a variety of the sustainable beverage options that fit in with your organization's sustainability guidelines, and your employees' social responsibility preferences.

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  • Fair Trade Certified

    Fair Trade provides an alternative trade model that organizes small farmers into cooperatives and links them with coffee importers. The Fair Trade certification also:

    • Guarantees farmers a minimum price for their coffee
    • Helps them afford healthcare and education
    • Provides housing assistance for their families and workers

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  • Rainforest Alliance

    The Rainforest Alliance Certified Seal is awarded to small farms, plantations and cooperatives that meet comprehensive and rigorous standards covering social, economic and environmental issues. Making a positive impact:

    • Fair treatment and good conditions for workers
    • National minimum wage per country
    • Ecosystem and wildlife conservation
    • Community relations
    • Integrated crop management
    • Waste management
    • Conservation of water resources
    • Soil conservation
    • Planning and monitoring system

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  • Certified Organic

    Organic Coffee is grown without synthetic chemical pesticides or herbicides, using only natural fertilizers and sustainable agricultural methods that protect the soil quality, water resources and the native environment. Organic Coffee must come from independently certified farms, be purchased by certified importers and roasted by certified roasters to maintain the product’s integrity. At each step in the processing chain, audit trails track the coffee beans as they move from source to cup.

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  • Shade Grown

    Bird friendly or shade-grown coffee refers to beans grown under a canopy of rainforest trees that provides refuge to migrating birds and maintains a sustainable habitat for wildlife in these areas. Approximately 150 bird species use shade-grown coffee farms as their natural habitats

    • Better tasting coffee because shade-grown coffee beans ripen more slowly, resulting in a richer flavor
    • Fair and stable prices for producers
    • Healthy environments for workers and downstream communities
    • More traditional varieties and new varieties that are resistant to pests
    • Adequate wages, housing and health care for workers
    • Access to markets for all producers, irrespective of farm size

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  • Swiss Water® Decaffeination Process

    SWISS WATER® Process is a taste-driven, 100% chemical-free decaffeination process that delivers coffee that is 99.9% caffeine-free while protecting the unique origin characteristics and flavor. Most other processes use chemical solvents, like Methylene Chloride or Ethyl Acetate to decaffeinate coffee beans.