Starbucks Interactive Cup Brewer

One push of a button is all it takes to give employees a boost with fresh, perfectly brewed coffee, just like you get at a Starbucks® coffeehouse. The brewer automatically measures and grinds real whole bean Starbucks coffee, then brews a fresh, single cup. And the Starbucks® Interactive Cup Brewer looks great, too—creating a positive, lasting impression on employees and clients.

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    See how the Starbucks Interactive Cup brewer delivers real Starbucks coffee, one cup at a time.

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  • Brewer Specifications

    Height: 42"
    Depth: 24"
    Width: 18"
    Weight: 130 lbs.

  • Products for this Brewer

    Use only Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee in this brewer.

    Starbucks Coffee