Cold Brew is Hot!

Cold Brew is one of the hottest trends in coffee right now. Whether it is summer or winter, everyone wants cold brew for that morning jolt or afternoon pick me up. 

Cold brew coffee is increasingly becoming the standard drink in high-end cafes and, of course, some of the most cutting-edge offices.  So what exactly makes this coffee so different from traditional iced coffee we’re used to?

In Short:

Let’s talk about brewing, baby

Cold Brew:

Cold Brew is created by steeping medium-to-coarse ground coffee in room temperature water for an extended period of time (12+ hours) and then filtering out the grounds for a clean cup without sediment.  Unlike regular coffee, cold brew is never exposed to heat. Cold brew uses time, rather than heat to extract the coffee’s sugars, oils and caffeine.

Iced Coffee:

Iced Coffee is created like any regular hot coffee brew method.  It is simply hot coffee that has been cooled down so that it can be poured over ice. 

The Product

Our Cold Brew

Joyride’s Cold brew is hand-crafted using our proprietary method for perfect extraction. Our cold brew is simply unrivaled in quality, accented by velvety smoothness and fudgy notes, with no trace of bitterness or acidity.  It is a blend of beans from the Latin America region known for full body coffee profile.

Iced Coffee

Since iced coffee is brewed as regular coffee, the product is exactly the same; only iced coffee must go through a cooling process and also tends to be watered down when served over ice.  It really is that simple.

The heat applied to brewing coffee is important: the chemical structure of coffee changes as temperature moves from hot to cold. The process of oxidation is well known in whole bean coffee after roasting, and over time oxygen brings out unpleasant flavors and causes coffee to go “stale.” Coffee in liquid form also goes stale, albeit more rapidly. The heat involved with brewing will expedite the oxidation process, which is a significant factor in contributing to poor taste found in regular iced coffees.


Cold Brew

Despite high caffeine levels (caffeine is naturally bitter), Joyride’s cold brew carries notes of chocolate, with a smooth, Guinness-like mouthfeel and a lower perceived acidity than traditional iced coffee. 

Iced Coffee

Since iced coffee is brewed hot, it can taste bitter, although high temperatures can also extract more coffee solubles than cold brew. While this can lead to a fuller body versus cold brew, the additional extracted solubles include organic materials that can also add to bitterness.

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