Exceptional Coffee With A Mission

I like to consider myself a coffee connoisseur and I care about the craft of the cup of coffee that I enjoy throughout my day. Laughing Man® Coffee founded by actor, Hugh Jackman has quickly become my new favorite! This exceptional coffee with a mission provides a range of complex flavor notes from dark and smoky to aromatic and bright and allows me to truly feel good about the coffee I am drinking.  

The Colombia Huila is a dark roast of uncommon complexity. It is produced from beans of great character, resulting in an intense deep roasted flavor, black cherry sweetness, and a dark chocolate finish.

Dukale’s Blend® is a medium roast that features a chocolatey body and notes of ripe plum. This blend is a tribute to Dukale – an Ethiopian farmer whose perseverance and unwavering optimism were the inspirational spark that started Laughing Man® Coffee.

Make Every Cup Count

This coffee is not only delicious, but all Laughing Man® Coffee is Fair Trade Certified and a portion of every purchase is donated to The Laughing Man Foundation. The Laughing Man Foundation, created by Hugh Jackman, supports coffee farming communities and programs that clear the way to sustainable health, growth, and success for coffee farmers and their families. The foundation has supported families in these communities with 100 housing projects and over 40 scholarships over the years and with plans to continue to support new initiatives.

Every cup counts because 41¢ per box of recyclable* K-Cup® pods and 23¢ per 18oz. whole bean bag sold is donated to the Laughing Man Foundation. If you’re like me and live for that first sip of an exceptional cup of coffee, then reach for Laughing Man® Coffee and enjoy the delicious, quality cup that you know is giving back.

*Check locally. Not recycled in all communities.