The Beat: Make It Happen!

Meet Sean

Sometimes you have to roll your sleeves up and “make it happen.” This phrase has become synonymous with Operations Manager of the Year. Sean epitomizes the can-do attitude and leadership necessary to drive the day-to-day Market Center operation.

From the moment you meet Sean one thing is evident: he values results. Everything he says and everything he does is performed with the intent of exceeding expectations. “Doing a good job for the client and my coworkers gets me out of bed each day. I want to help my team make money which is only possible when everything is about the client. At our market center, we do whatever it takes to make it happen.”

“While becoming accustomed to the curveballs you meet some outstanding people.”

I often associate the phrase “make it happen” with less than ideal circumstances. We can’t control outside factors, but we can control how we respond to them. Sean echoes this mindset. “I do what I have to do. I have my hand in everything and cross train my teams so that if someone is out or on vacation we can continue business as usual. The client still expects our standard of service. I just finished delivering pallets of soda and I know my drivers can make basic fixes to machines and service technicians can make deliveries if we are in a pinch. Whatever it takes.”

A natural byproduct of working so closely with your people is developing relationships that stand the test of time and roles. “The best part of working with such great people is watching them grow and be promoted and rewarded. After nine years I can say that never gets old. In this business you meet some outstanding people.”

Sean makes it happen. This week, think about how you can make it happen when you’ve hit a rut or feel the odds are stacked against you. I can promise it will be worth it.

LOOKING AHEAD: Whether small or large, every operation needs a leader who fearlessly pursues positive results. Sean supports his team on the front line, an act that encourages the same level of dedication from the team.