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Sustainability is becoming more and more important to consumers, and is driving consumer decisions.  PepsiCo gets this and has stated that all of its electricity in the U.S. will come from renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, in 2020.  The U.S. is PepsiCo’s largest market and accounts for almost half of the company’s global electricity.   PepsiCo already has nine countries in Europe operating with 100% renewable energy.  Per Nielsen, 66% of all consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, and this percentage increases for younger folks.  73% of millennials and 72% of Gen Z will spend more for brands that act on sustainable practices.  Per PepsiCo’s CEO, Ramon Laguarta, “PepsiCo is pursuing 100% renewable electricity in the U.S. because the severe threat that climate change poses to the world demands faster and bolder action from all of us.”  Well said.  Better done.

#90s Kid

Brace Yourselves

Dunkaroos, the cookies-and-cream snack from the 1990s, is going to be coming back to the US this summer and will be available nationwide. On Monday, General Mills announced their plan to relaunch the classic vanilla cookie with vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles following an 8 year absence since the product was pulled from US markets in 2012.  The cookie-frosting combo is nostalgia galore with its taste, color, and funness factor.  Here’s to reliving the best part of childhood (or your children’s childhood)!

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