What is the best water cooler for my office?

At Aramark Refreshments, we almost exclusively offer bottleless water systems. We recommend this option as the best water cooler setup for any office. In the absence of a bottleless water system, bottled water requires coordinating bottle deliveries, finding space for bottle storage, and manual efforts to replace bottles on the dispenser. A bottleless water dispenser with a direct water hook up removes this hassle and provides a limitless source of filtered, UV-sanitized, drinking water.

There are options for both counter-top units and taller floor units, helping to provide versatile choices for the best office water cooler setup. Water filtration units can be placed anywhere in a room that has a water hook up. Determining the best water cooler for your office comes down to available space as well as filtration requirements.

Sparkling water dispensers may also be a great fit for your office, because sparkling water is known to be a highly appreciated and very scalable office perk.

During the consultation process, we’ll work with you hands-on to figure out the ideal machine and setup based on your space and goals.

Learn more here about our bottleless office water coolers or view a quick comparison of some of our office water machines here to learn more about the best water cooler options for your office.

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