7 Easy Ways to Boost Recruiting and Retention

With 89 percent of millennials preferring office perks to a pay raise and 57 percent of job seekers ranking benefits and office perks as a top consideration, now is the time to focus more on office culture and amenities. Fortunately, there are some easy ways add modern and trendy office and breakroom amenities to your current program, even if you don’t offer much now.

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Easy Ways to Start Offering a More Gourmet Coffee Experience in Your Office

Offering gourmet coffee is one easy and effective way to create a modernized office and breakroom experience. Below are a few approachable ideas for offering a more gourmet coffee experience.

Gourmet Fridays

One easy way to build up to a more gourmet coffee program is to offer premium options, like Starbucks® or local craft coffees on Fridays. This weekly luxury is also more scalable as you grow, compared to providing high-end coffees every day of the week.

Expand Your Office Coffee Menu with Premium Creamers

Premium creamers with flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut, and Irish creme are another scalable way to increase the variety and luxuriousness of coffee flavors that you offer without a large investment in different premium coffees.

Start Small

While you may have visions of a Silicon Valley-like coffee bar for your office, sometimes you have to start small.

Try starting with a bean-to-cup machine and/or espresso machine. These machines produce very high quality beverages and feature modern digital displays to help create a high-tech coffee bar experience. Even adding a single serve pod or pack-based machine, which is capable of producing deluxe drinks like cappuccinos and lattes, can help create a more upscale coffee bar experience.

Up Your Trendiness with Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is a very popular and on-trend beverage both in and out of the office. Offering cold brew coffee alongside standard coffee options can add immediate trendiness and attractiveness to your office amenities. The best news is that cold brew coffee is easy to incorporate into current offerings with options like pre-packaged bottles or in tap-ready ambient containers or nitrogen kegs; just add ice and enjoy.

Open the Door to Trendy Summer Beverages by Installing an Ice Machine

While this may sound overly simple, installing an office ice maker alongside your coffee equipment of choice opens the door to one of summer’s trendiest beverages: iced coffee. In addition to its use in iced coffee and other cold beverages, ice is also perfect for cold brew coffee.

If you’re interested in a custom coffee and beverage consultation, contact an Aramark expert today.

Easy Ways to Start Offering Food Amenities in Your Office

While free catered lunches have been growing in popularity, there are easier ways to offer food and snack perks to employees.

Breakfast Snack Programs

Offering free breakfast items like oatmeal, granola bars, yogurt, and fruit not only encourages employees to get a stronger start to their day, but also adds to recruiting and retention efforts by providing employees with free food. You can start by offering free breakfast items once a week, twice a week, or even every day.

If you would still like to make snacks available for purchase for the rest of the day, consider an office snack program or consider using an office vending machine as a supplement to free breakfast options.

Free Snack Fridays

In lieu of offering free food and snacks every day of the week, try starting with free snacks one day a week. This provides a weekly treat of free food with much more scalability and approachability than providing free snacks every day. You could also consider installing a vending machine as a snacking supplement.

If you’re interested in a custom snack and vending consultation, contact an Aramark expert today.