Vending Machines for Small Offices

Vending machines are a low maintenance way to provide snacks to a small office. As a modern amenity for any breakroom, vending machines are an economical investment in employee satisfaction and productivity. For scaling businesses, a vending machine can be a positive step towards offering a full-service break room. If you’re a growing business however, it can be tough to choose the best small office vending machine.

Adding Value to Your Break Space

Modern vending machines, complete with LED lighting product display and interactive touchscreens, make a breakroom feel more contemporary and welcoming. Employees can easily use the machine with cashless payment options, such as credit cards or Break Buck Certificates. Besides these user-friendly features, our machines can also be optimally integrated into the breakroom space thanks to RefreshSTYLE™. Corporate logos and messaging, or another graphic in keeping with your decor, can be displayed on the machines. RefreshSTYLES can complete the look of a full-service breakroom, and contribute to a comfortable, relaxing space. Some ideas for the best small office vending machines include:

Smaller-Width Vending Machines

 These traditional vending machines are a bit narrower, helping them better fit small spaces.

Snack and Beverage Combination Machines

Machines with both cold drink vending and snack vending are great for small offices because they allow you to offer both food amenities and beverages without the need for two different machines.

Vending Machines with Rotating Displays

Rotating displays help maximize space and create a more engaging, market-like experience, making them a good choice for small offices.



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Getting the Most out of a Vending Machine

Your Service Representative will guide you through vending machine selection and installation. The first step in maximizing your investment in a small office vending machine is determining what you want to offer. Collaborating with your Service Representative, and surveying employees, are good starting points in selecting the right vending machine type and products to offer.

Vending models vary widely, from standard glass-front merchandisers to cabinets with variable temperatures that allow for a mix of beverage and food choices. A single vending machine may do the trick for some organizations, while other workplaces may need two stations, such as a beverage machine and a snack machine.

With an array of models to choose from, Aramark vending machine technology is designed to meet your employee snack preferences. We deliver an effortless vending experience with advanced RefreshTECH™ for easy restocking, and by ensuring machines are working continuously and optimally with our 1 business-day service guarantee.

A Service Representative will help you determine the area in your workplace that encourages machine use, while balancing factors like visibility and spacial requirements.

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