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Enhancing Drinks with Ice

Offering ice in the office not only makes water, tea, soda, and other cold drinks more enjoyable, it paves the way for other iced treats, like iced coffee. In addition, the type of ice produced by our office ice machines further enhances the experience. Chewblet® ice, produced by the office ice makers we offer, is a compressed ice nugget with a pliable texture that is easy to chew. Their porous composition also absorbs the flavor of a drink for a refreshing and tasty touch.

A Simple Yet Rewarding Amenity for the Office

An ice machine that delivers high-quality ice can contribute to an enjoyable and rewarding office environment. Bringing in modernized, simple amenities, like an ice machine, boosts employee morale and contributes to an attractive work atmosphere. Find out more about our ice machines, and which best fits your needs, by speaking with a knowledgeable representative today.

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Office Ice Maker Highlights

  1. Office ice machines create more options for trendy cold beverages, like iced coffee or lemonade.
  2. Specialty Chewblet® ice cubes are soft, chewable cubes of ice that enhance many beverages.
  3. Convenience is key. Our office ice makers are easy to use and are paired with a filtered water dispenser.
  4. Water filtration technology that removes sediments and contaminants from the water ensures safe and great-tasting beverages.
  5. Your full service contract includes installation, filter changes, cleaning and maintenance.
  6. Designs are sleek, user-friendly and as compact as possible.
  7. Cleanliness and safety are factors - with a dispensing chute, there is no need to touch or scoop the ice.

Ice Makers & Water Dispensers for Any Office

All of our ice machines have separate water dispensers for a convenient two-in-one refreshment center. Aramark’s office ice makers and water dispensers are characterized by their dependable design. Models can produce enough ice for a team of 25 or 350, and are available in countertop, freestanding, or under-the-counter configurations to fit seamlessly into any breakroom. With a storage capacity of 7 to 90 pounds of ice, depending on the model, ice is always on-hand ready to be enjoyed.

Innovative Office Ice Maker Designs

Innovative Aramark office ice makers and water dispensers have a direct waterline hookup to continuously meet your team’s refreshment needs. Our durable, attractive dispensers have a modern appearance with stainless steel exteriors, accent trims, dispenser-activated blue lights for illuminated use, and LED control boards for at-a-glance machine status. Separate ice and water chutes allow for reliable distribution. High-tech touch buttons control product disbursement with the light press of the finger.

Safety and Sustainability

Safety is built into the designs. The ice makers’ chutes and buttons mean users do not touch the ice, reducing the risk of contamination possible with scoop ice machines. As an additional sanitation feature, the critical components of the equipment are treated with Agion® antimicrobial to minimize bacteria and biofilm growth.

Environmentally responsible and energy-efficient, these office ice makers meet Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) Tier 2 specifications, a step above ENERGY STAR® certification. Leak detection, automatic self-flushing, semi-automatic cleaning and sanitizing, and Quiet Night™ sleep mode are some of the other sustainability and cost-saving features.

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