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We rounded up our customers' most loved products into conveniently curated packages that are anything but generic.
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Bundled for You

You know your office. We'll deliver an experience perfect for your people.

Office Essentials

  • Coffee, tea, and cocoa
  • Single serve and batch brewers
  • Staple snacks like chips,oatmeal, and pretzels
  • Bottleless water cooler
  • Soda, juice, and sparkling water

Office Treats

  • Premium coffee, tea, and espresso
  • Bean-to-cup brewers
  • Breakfast bars, jerky, and chips
  • Sports drinks, soda, energy drinks, and bottled coffee

Health Conscious

  • Local, organic coffee brands, cold brew coffees
  • Protein-packed, nutritious snacks
  • Bottled water, juice, and tea
  • Nut-based milks and natural sweeteners


  • Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee
  • Nut-based milks and natural sweeteners
  • Flatware and paper products made of recycled or renewable materials
  • Responsibly sourced snack bars and nuts
  • Bottleless sparkling & flat water cooler

On Trend

  • Local, small batch coffee
  • Nitro and cold brew coffee
  • Tea, espresso, and cocoa
  • Bottled water and juice
  • The latest chips, granola, and trail mix

Coffee Connoisseur

  • Artisinal local coffee
  • Espresso machine and fresh-ground bean-to-cup coffee brewers
  • Flavored syrups, fresh milk & dairy-free alternatives
  • Chocolates and cookies

Not your cup of tea?

Let's design the perfect custom package for your workplace