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ColdSnap® Freshly Frozen Treats

The next evolution in ice cream and other frozen specialty products

The revolutionary ColdSnap system brings to life award-winning, innovative technology that is leading the charge for a more sustainable and delicious future. With a sleek countertop design and simple user interface, the ColdSnap appliance will be the centerpiece of any breakroom amenity program.

With an interface similar to a pod coffee brewer, delicious treats – such as premium ice cream, frozen lattes, fruit smoothies and protein shakes – are produced in 90-120 seconds. The ColdSnap appliance sits neatly on a standard countertop, and ColdSnap’s shelf stable pods are conveniently stored at ambient temperature.

Perfect for any office looking for innovative amenities for their workforce, Micromarket locations seeking to provide unique offerings, or retail locations that require a seamless ice cream solution.

See how it works here!

Key Benefits

  • Creates frozen delights such as premium ice cream, frozen smoothies, protein shakes, and frozen lattes in 90-120 seconds
  • Products are crafted with high quality ingredients like milk, cream, and real fruit, and boast an exceptionally smooth and creamy texture thanks to a proprietary freezing process
  • Effortlessly elegant technology - no preparation of pods or messy cleanup of the machine is required – food never touches the machine during freezing, mixing, or dispensing
  • Reduces carbon emissions associated with shipping and storing ice cream by up to 42% when compared to traditional ice cream. This reduction is made possible by ColdSnap’s shelf stable pods that do not require refrigeration during transit or storage, making ColdSnap a perfect treat for you and the planet


  • Height: 17.75”
  • Width: 11.5”
  • Depth: 19.5”
  • The ColdSnap platform uses ColdSnap-produced pods exclusively