First Aid

Takes the guess work out of office wellness and show employees their safety is a priority

Employees are Your Greatest Asset

Invest in employee safety by providing everything needed to complete the work day. Headache, paper cut, splinter? Everything you need - from A to Ouch!

Headache Free Management

We've got First Aid covered from installation to maintenance. Each First Aid Kit is inspected for expiring and low inventory items, restocked, and logged on a regular basis. Standard ANSI Class A Compliant First Aid Kit available with or without over-the-counter medications.
First Aid Stats
58% of people surveyed experienced a cut or scrape at work
89% of people surveyed feel valued when their employer provides a first aid kit
58% of people surveyed said using supplies from the First Aid Kit allowed them to finish their work shift

First Aid Program Details

  • Kits are ANSI Class A Compliant and meet OSHA regulations to have first aid readily available
  • Regular product rotation to refresh inventory offerings
  • Orgaized and easily accessible to employees
  • First Aid items are delivered and stocked on your schedule
  • Program reporting gives insight into your employees' needs

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