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From salty and sweet to healthy and hearty, food doesn't just fill us up; it brings us together. That's the power that a well-stocked pantry can play in the office and we're here to help.

Satisfying snack stats
91% of Americans snack daily
Employees who are offered free food at work are 20% more likely to be very happy with their job
61% of people globally eat snacks for an energy boost

Always flexible and convenient

Regular product rotation and fresh inventory scaled to your business With a mix of indulgent and better for you option, all on your schedule.

More choices,
healthier options

We've partnered with the American Heart Association as part of our commitment to bring you the highest quality snacks for your team.


World-class frozen treats in a snap

Experience the next revolution in frozen treats with ColdSnap! With decadently smooth premium ice cream, healthy frozen fruit smoothies, frozen lattes and more, this countertop appliance crafts freshly frozen treats in a mere 90-120 seconds from shelf stable pods!

You've got Munch Mail™

Whether it is connecting teams working remotely or bringing friends together for a virtual reunion, Munch Mail offers a little something for everyone. With a variety of themed kits to choose from, every occasion is made unforgettable.

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