Office Snacks

Satisfy hunger and cravings with a robust pantry of indulgent and healthy office snack options. Hearty breakfast bites and afternoon treats will appease palates throughout the day.

Breakroom Bites

Food naturally brings people together, and office snacks are no exception. Make your breakroom a place where people can connect and collaborate over food.

A variety of healthy office snacks, brand name munchies, and sweet treats will have your colleagues chatting about their favorites. Whether you need just a few options or a full range of snack offerings, we've got you covered with our office snack delivery programs. 

What's the best snack mix for your office?

Niche to National, We Have It All

To get you started, Aramark Refreshments offers a selection of the best office snacks. From healthy office snacks, to the more indulgent, there is truly something for every taste and palate.

Indulgent - Brands like Lays, Doritos, and Hershey’s keep the day anything but boring. These iconic brands put a smile on any face and will make sure when cravings hit, you have your employees covered.

Functional - Clif Bar, Kar’s Nuts, and Kind not only taste great, they keep you going all day long. Healthy office snacks do not require a sacrifice in flavor.

Can’t decide? Why not a mix of office snacks for those who are health-conscious and those who like to indulge? We can help you create the best office snack portfolio for your employees!

Frito Lay General Mills Yoplait Clif Reeses Sabra Nutella
A bowl of carrots, two granola bars, and an apple displayed on a black table

Healthy Office Snacks

We've partnered with the AHA to bring you healthier snack options through our Healthy for Life® 20 By 20 initiative. We are committed to achieving a 20% reduction in calories, saturated fat and sodium in the food that we offer, as well as a 20% increase in fruits, vegetables & whole grains, by 2020. Healthy office snacks are changing the culture of office snacking.


Office Snacking Stats
91% of Americans snack multiple times a day
Employees who are offered free food at work are 20% more likely to be "very happy" with their job
61% of people globally eat snacks for an energy boost

Snack Program Details

  • Regular product rotation to refresh inventory offerings
  • Scaled to your business - we can offer 2 items, 200 items, whatever you need
  • Healthy for Life® products create a mix of indulgent and better-for-you office snack options
  • Program reporting gives insight into your employees' needs
  • Snacks are delivered and stocked on your schedule

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