What Are the Best Office Water Solutions?

Bottled water and water filtration has become a must-have in modern life, and can be found nearly everywhere. With a widespread preference for fresh, filtered water, employees justifiably expect quality drinking water.

Drinking enough water is essential for good health and is correlated with boosting the immune system, focus, productivity, and warding off energy-depleting dehydration.

Studies have shown that drinking water can increase productivity by 14 percent.

Encouraging employee water consumption with purified water can help keep an office healthy and working efficiently.

Office Water Solutions

Water solutions for the workplace can be categorized into bottled water, either individual or jugs/coolers, and filtered solutions.

Individual Bottles of Water

The ease of grabbing a bottle of water from an office refrigerator is appealing to many employees and visitors. This office water solution is typically best in limited situations, such as in conference rooms, lunches, or events, rather than being used as an office’s primary drinking water solution.
Supplying individual bottles of water can quickly add up in costs and eat up valuable storage space. For this reason, individual bottles are not recommended as an office’s primary water source; however, they are good solutions for meeting and conference rooms.

Jug/Bottled Water Dispensers

Bottled water coolers provide on-demand access to clean water for employees with a mounted jug dispenser. Although jug/bottled dispensers quickly and easily dispense drinking water, it is not the recommended office water solution because:
  1. Stacked water jugs are not aesthetically pleasing and can detract from the appearance of a breakroom.
  2. Changing out heavy jugs can put employees at risk for injury.
  3. Tracking water orders and deliveries puts another task on a office manager’s plate.
  4. Storing bottled water takes up space and may be a cost consideration for offices renting by the square foot.

Under-Sink Filtration Systems

These office water solutions work by purifying the municipal water from your sink with an under-the-sink filter. Water is dispensed through fixtures attached to the sink. Compared to bottled water, this point-of-use filtration approach saves space and has minimal maintenance requirements, limited mainly to changing filters. Under-sink filtration systems may not be right for certain groups, considering:
  1. The systems have a small reservoir capacity, making it less than ideal for larger groups.
  2. Water is only dispersed at room temperature water, unlike other options that supply hot and cold water.
  3. Having a water dispenser at the sink can create traffic bottlenecks as people wait to use the sink for different purposes.
  4. An at-sink dispenser may also be less sanitary.

Filtered Water Dispensers: Top Recommendation for the Best Office Water Solution

Best Office Water - Dispenser img

Filtered water dispensers use a direct water line hookup. Water is pumped into the unit where filtration and UV sanitation systems reduce contaminants, microorganisms, bacteria, and unwanted smells and tastes. The purified water is stored in a tank, UV sanitized, and dispensed as needed. This modern office amenity can meet employee expectations for high quality filtered water and is easy to manage. This is the recommended water solution for the average office because:

  • The direct water line connection allows for an unlimited supply of fresh-tasting water.
  • Both the countertop and freestanding unit models are visually-pleasing and take up less space, ensuring a good fit with your breakroom space.
  • As a bottleless option, there is no delivery to manage or heavy-lifting required of employees.
  • Dispenser models range from simple dispensers, to water plus ice dispensers, to units with multiple temperature options, and even sparkling water.
  • Water dispensers can be placed anywhere in a room with a waterline connection to control traffic flow through the breakroom.
  • The antimicrobial dispensing surfaces minimize the growth and spread of microbes, and machine sanitation maintenance.
  • Regular unit service with filter changes and hygiene maintenance by technicians ensures your unit continually supplies the highest quality water.

Consolidating Breakroom Services

Office water dispensers can be combined with other Aramark services - such as office snacks, vending services, and office coffee - to streamline office refreshment services. With breakroom service consolidation, companies save money and managers have one contract, one monthly invoice and one point of contact for their office beverage and food requirements.

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