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Office Snack Solutions

Vending machines are a top choice to keep your people focused and productive. Innovative equipment brings the latest in technology and reliability. Healthy office snack options like our Just4U™ program keep well-being in mind, alongside employee favorites. Employee satisfaction can be greatly increased by providing better-for-you office snack options, including locally-sourced favorites. A full selection of popular brand-name snacks, juices, and teas offered through our vending services keeps engagement and satisfaction up across your workforce.

Office Vending Machine Service Details

  1. Your Route Service Representative keeps your office vending machines well stocked and in working order.
  2. Motivators like Break Buck Certificates work like cash in vending machines.
  3. RefreshTECH™ inventory management tracks each transaction to learn which snacks your employees enjoy most.
  4. Programs and décor options turn your vending breakroom into a motivating space.
  5. Your account manager keeps all the details right.
Talk to an Aramark advisor

Talk to an Aramark advisor

Let us help you give your employees the perks they're craving. It's good for you,
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