The Beat: It’s the Little Things!

Meet Dahnell

How often do you think about the simple joys in life, like laughing? Thanks to my conversation with Key Account Executive of the Year Dahnell, I am not only more aware of all of the small things that factor into success, I also have a new outlook on life.

From time to time I like to ask people for their mantra – the words that guide them through good times and bad. Dahnell not only has a mantra, he is deeply rooted in its teachings. “My mantra is a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote describing success. Emerson says ‘to laugh often and much’ and ‘leaving the world a bit better’ are most important to success. I believe laughter is a way to shed pain and share enjoyment. I rely on laughter.” Ralph Waldo Emerson isn’t your typical sales coach, similar to how Dahnell isn’t your typical sales person.

“You are always exploring humans and discovering their personal wins and what they are looking for as people.”

The parallels between laughter and selling may be hard to draw on the surface. Dahnell shared how laughter has more than one meaning to his life. “Emerson’s quote is really about taking time to do the little things. I enjoy sales because the job is infinite. You can work 24 hours, seven days a week and still not be done. You are always exploring humans and discovering their personal wins and what they are looking for as people. I love to put in that work and save every detail. That’s what is great about Key Accounts. The bigger clients challenge me to do everything well, most importantly the little things. Little things like laughter can easily be lost in the work place but, when remembered, make all the difference.”

This week, I encourage you to take a few moments to read “To laugh often and much” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It is a moving ode to living with intention. Hopefully, it impacts you like it has Dahnell.

LOOKING AHEAD: I am a big advocate for mantras and motivational quotes. Starting each day with a moment of positivity can help you find the good within the bad and understand that everything happens for a reason.