Filtered Water & Ice


Less waste. No calories. All the refreshment.

Clear Filtered Water

Water filtration units tap directly into your office’s water supply to provide unlimited clean water without bottles or jugs. Filters reduce sediment, microorganisms, and chemicals leaving clean, clear water, hot or cold. Use it with office coffee, cocoas, soups, drink mixes, or any refreshment that needs a liquid touch.

Refreshment on Ice

Ice machines are a growing treat for employees. Iced tea and coffee help make your workplace more friendly and productive. When employees feel more satisfied with their options, they work harder and more efficiently. And you finish first.

Service Details

  1. The healthiest beverage choice. Zero calories. Zero sugar. Zero carbs.
  2. Regular visits throughout the year to change filters, clean the unit, and ensure quality.
  3. Connection straight to brewing equipment for great-tasting coffee and tea.
Talk to an Aramark advisor

Talk to an Aramark advisor

Let us help you give your employees the perks they're craving. It's good for you,
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