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Vending machines are a top choice to keep your people focused and productive. Innovative equipment brings the latest in technology and reliability. Healthy office snack options like our Just4U™ program keep well-being in mind, alongside employee favorites. Employee satisfaction can be greatly increased by providing better-for-you office snack options, including locally-sourced favorites. A full selection of popular brand-name snacks, juices, and teas offered through our vending services keeps engagement and satisfaction up across your workforce.

Office Vending Machine Service Details

  1. Your Route Service Representative keeps your office vending machines well stocked and in working order.
  2. Motivators like Break Buck Certificates work like cash in vending machines.
  3. RefreshTECH™ inventory management tracks each transaction to learn which snacks your employees enjoy most.
  4. Programs and décor options turn your vending breakroom into a motivating space.
  5. Your account manager keeps all the details right.

Creating a Relaxing & Motivating Office Environment

A modern office vending machine is key to creating a breakroom where staff can relax and recharge. Food amenities set a company apart, serving as a perk that motivates and energizes employees. When offering a full office snack service is not possible, office vending services can fill the important role of refueling your team. As a full vending service, Aramark also offers RefreshSTYLES™ for breakroom customization, allowing corporate logos and messages on vending machines to project a welcoming environment.

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Modern, User-Friendly Office Vending Machines

Our vending machines are user-friendly, with innovative functional designs that create an attractive, automated retail store-like experience. In keeping with consumers’ digital preferences, the vending machines feature cashless payment options, like credit cards or Break Buck Certificates. Interactive touchscreens, customizable interfaces, internet connectivity, and vending apps are some of the technologies that enhance user experience.

Office vending machine models range from standard slotted vending designs with LED lighting, to cutting-edge rotating carousel displays. Variable cabinet temperatures - from ambient, to zone, to full cabinet - allow for flexibility in product retailing, with capacity for cold drinks, hot drinks, fresh foods, dairy and more. Varying specifications also make it easier to find the best small office vending solutions.

Hassle-Free Vending Services Management

Elements like energy efficiency, and improved product delivery technology reduce logistics coordination and machine management. Some machines even feature a specialized management system that allows for remote monitoring on desktops and other devices.

Should your office vending machine need servicing, we have a 1 business-day service guarantee. We’re here to ensure vending machines are stocked and optimally working.

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