For staff, for patients, for when refreshments are needed most

Dependable Refreshments

In the healthcare world, coffee, tea, juices, and snacks are not only essential, but needed fast. Whether for a quick refuel between patients or busy waiting room, amenities need to be as reliable as you are.

What is needed in your practice?

Coffee for Healthcare Providers

Like most things in hospitals and doctor's offices, a coffee offering must be high-quality, reliable, and efficient. Self-service machines like the Keurig K3500 commercial coffee brewer cut down on service time so employees can be where they are needed. This consumer friendly machine is built for back-to-back brewing and boasts a catalog of products ranging from brand-name coffee, to tea, to cocoa for those in the waiting area.


Healthcare Amenity Solutions

  • Extensive selection of the most efficient coffee machines with an industry-leading brand selection
  • Diverse individually wrapped snack selection for any taste or palate
  • Touchless water and ice machines with premium filtration for waiting and break rooms
  • Juices, soft drinks, and more for any situation
  • Robust supply chain ensuring responsive customer service and proper stock levels

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