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Coffee & Tea for Offices

From afternoon coffee breaks to water cooler conversations, offices have always been synonymous with their refreshments. These amenities show employees they are valued, and help keep morale and production high. Whether you are a small office focused on experiential refreshments, or a larger space requiring high volume and yield, we have solutions to match your goals.

What does your office need?
Overhead view of a blue table top with a few productivity items placed on the right side of the table.

Office Beverage Programs

A morning cup of coffee and tea is a tone setter in any office. Traditional air pot batch brewed coffee will get people moving, while new wave staples like single cup Nespresso and cold brew on tap get employees out of bed in the morning. We cater to what makes you, you - down to the milk and sweeteners.


Office Amenity Solutions

  • Wide selection of bulk brewed and single serve coffee and tea products including on-tap cold brew coffee
  • Cups, lids, stirrers, and more to complete the beverage experience
  • Multi-format snacking to keep employees fueled and productive including micromarket, snack and go, and vending
  • Touchless, filtered water and ice for complete hydration
  • Full line of personal safety programs including workplace sanitization, hand sanitizer stations, first aid kits, and more

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