Refreshments designed to keep employees and clients fueled, nourished, and engaged in the showroom

Comprehensive Automotive Refreshments

Auto dealerships handle hundreds of customers per week. Premium hospitality during wait times is essential to taking away the pain of a service visit and demonstrating customer and employee appreciation. The use of self-service coffee machines with a wide range of recipe options for coffee, tea and cocoa drinkers create a welcoming, relaxed atmosphere. Innovative snack and water programs bring the amenities of home to the showroom floor.

What's the best solution for your dealership?
Overhead view of two sets of hands holding cups of coffee on a wood table.

Premium Coffee & Snacks

Impressions are everything in the showroom. Self-service machines like the Flavia C600 allow customers to brew a fresh cup of hot or iced coffee and tea while employees run the business. Flavia machines require little supervision and maintenance while offering a cutting-edge selection of brand names like Starbucks, Peet's, La Colombe, Balzac's, Lavazza and Bright Tea.


Auto Dealership Amenity Solutions

  • Premium, touchless coffee and tea service with a wide variety of top brand names
  • Filtered still or sparkling water and ice, on-demand and hands free
  • Comprehensive snacking program tailored to employee and customer preferences
  • Complete dealership safety program including sanitization, first aid, and personal protection equipment

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