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Brewing Equipment

We rounded up our customers' most loved products into conveniently curated packages that are anything but generic. Our state-of-art office coffee machines help create a cafe-like experience in your breakroom.

Single Serve Coffee Machines

Deliver one delicious cup of coffee, tailored to each individual taste with machines from Keurig, Flavia, and Newco. Recyclable and compostable options are also available.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

The freshest coffee you can get--straight from the bean. Achieve coffee shop quality, variety, and fresh ground taste from top brands like Starbucks and Cafection, without the mess.

Drip Airpot Brewers

Brew a large batch of coffee that can satisfy any size crowd. Make a pot to take into the conference room! Keep the coffee supply going all day long with Curtis brewers.


A quick pick me up in a small cup. Brew traditional espresso or create coffee-shop quality macchiatos with your Nespresso machine. These sleek machines and delicious beverages take your office breakroom offerings to the next level.

Cold Brew and Iced Tea Equipment

The latest innovations in the industry bring Cold Brew and Nitro Cold Brew to your office. Not into Cold Brew? Iced Tea is always a crowd pleaser!