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Follett 7 Series

Provide fresh, filtered water with the added benefit of Chewblet® ice.

It produces up to 125 lbs of Chewable ice in a 24-hour period with a storage capacity of 7 pounds. Designed to serve up to 25 people and equipped with leak detection and large 20 oz. capacity drip tray with automatic alert. It has Agion antimicrobial product protection - and sanitary push buttons, partnered with an innovative filter from 3M.

Key Benefits

  • Drain-less design allows dispenser to be placed anywhere a water line can be run. Leak detection in ice making module
  • Energy and water efficient, will use as little as one-half the electricity and one?third the water of typical under counter icemakers found in offices. Energy saving sleep mode.


  • Countertop:
    • Height: 17.6"
    • Width: 14.6"
    • Depth: 22.1"
    • Weight: 90lbs
  • Freestanding:
    • Height: 42"
    • Width: 14.6"
    • Depth: 22.1"
    • Weight: 120lbs
  • Follett 7 Series uses 3M Filters